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Tennessee Rand manufactures the highest quality specialized clamping devices in the industry. Our clamps have been designed with reliability, durability, longevity, and precision clamping and are specifically designed for harsh welding environments that demand superior clamping power.
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Toggle Clamp

The TRC Series Compact Pneumatic Toggle Clamps consist of 3 models: TRC27-C, TRC38-C, TRC50-C. These clamps are designed to be a retrofit upgrade to the TC Series clamps. They are designed with reliability, durability, longevity and precision clamping and are specifically designed for harsh welding environments that demand superior clamping power.


  • Compact, lightweight fully enclosed design to keep debris out
  • 27mm 38mm, and 50mm bore pneumatic cylinder
  • Adjustable arm angle opening in 15° increments (stoke adjuster kit is available)
  • Magnetic piston and cylinder body sensor grooves standard
  • Built in dual directional weld field immune sensor available
  • Easily adjustable sensing actuator for indicating clamp open and closed position
  • Long life, hard coated internal components
  • Light-weight aluminum clamp head
  • Cylinder and sensor are easily changeable
  • Low profile/narrow design for tight applications
  • Overall clamp length is the same for all arm opening angles
  • Manual release button to open clamp without air pressure
  • Clamp mechanism and cylinder are pre-lubricated for maintenance-free operation
  • Standard square output shaft
  • Full range of standard straight/u-arms available

Tube Clamp

Tennessee Rand tube clamps have a robust design, and are excellent solutions for locating tubes in welded assemblies such as seat frames, bike frames, exhaust systems, etc. As with all our clamping products, the TB Series Tube Clamps provide dependable clamping power.


  • Incorporates a double-acting pneumatic cylinder
  • Clamp has no ejector feature
  • Used with a 4-way valve
  • Compact size and light weight
  • Tube clamps hold 1/2″ -1 1/2″ tubes
  • Reversible mounting that works with industry standard finger shims
  • Aluminum Housing
  • Cylinder grooves for sensors
  • Metallic reinforced polymer coating specifically designed to resist weld splatter
Tube Clamp


Retract Pin Device

The Offset Retract and Straight Retract Pin Devices are available in 2 bore sizes and have several other great options. The straight retract pin device is for retracting pins from welding components before unloading. The Offset Retract Pin device (45 and 65 mm offset available) allows an area to be pinned out that cannot be reached using the straight retract pin device.
We offer custom pins and mount blocks for our Retract Pin and Straight Retract Devices. The mount blocks can be used with NAAMS or Douglas shims.


  • Compact size
  • 2 Bore sizes available (40mm & 50mm)
  • Multiple cap options available
  • Pins can be changed without disassembly of device
  • Cap functions as a net gage
  • Cylinder has sensing options
  • Variety of mounts, shapes
  • Mount block bolt/shim patterns both in Metric and ANSI.
  • Pins available in round, round-diamond, round-square, oval, oval-diamond, & oval square

Wire Clamp

Wire Clamps

Used extensively in weld fixtures and other tooling applications, our wire clamps aid in loading unwieldy formed parts. Placing parts with multiple bends into the fixture quickly becomes intuitive for the operator, reducing load time and placement errors.


  • Single-acting cylinder allows wire or small tubing to ‘snap’ into location
  • Operated via a 3-way valve, with pressure applied to the ‘A’ port for unclamp
  • Compact, fully enclosed design
  • Aluminum housing
  • Reversible mounting
  • Built-in auto ejector finger
  • Spatter resistant coating for housing
  • 4mm – 11mm (in 1 mm increments) and custom sizes available
  • 1/8″ NPT porting